THE CAFETERIA:   The college/university cafeteria is the main hub for anything to do with breakfast, lunch and dinner on a campus.  Most colleges and universities have a cafeteria set-up while some are more dependent on food court concepts.  The cafeteria operates either as a monthly program (where students pay a monthly fee) or as a pay per meal set-up.
The college/university may operate the cafeteria themselves or hire out to a food service provider (ex Aramark, Sodexo, Compass and others).

The Conzumable Incubator has a complete module system that links the on-campus food service locatios to incubator models ideal for college campuses nationwide.  The Conzumable Incubator owns which promotes new behind the counter and grab-and-go trends.

  • Important food service links to the cafeteria include on-campus coffee kiosks, snack bars and vending banks.
  • A campus may have both a cafeteria as well a food court

Most underclassmen subsist on meal plans offered through the school. Residential students who have no kitchen facilities have no choice, and even commuter students may find their class schedules are conducive to regularly eating on campus. Fortunately, schools have started offering healthier choices than they did in previous decades. In 2014, more than 200 universities observed Meatless Mondays in their dining halls. Today, most colleges and universities recognize that their students have diverse dietary needs and offer a range of traditional, vegetarian, and vegan offerings.
On-Campus cafeterias are also key for hiring students.

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